Courteous clients, great driver-host, wonderful memorable experience.

Our limousines have been groomed in a manner to make your experience special and memorable, please respect the driver and limousine because any damage willfully made will need to be paid for by the hirer.

Tips to make your journey special (stress free to all passengers and driver)

  1. Make absolutely sure your group is all where you are supposed to be 5 minutes before the booked time. If your group is late or at the wrong address that will use up your valuable prepaid time.
  2. The limousine you have booked will have been booked for the number of guests you indicated. We are unable  to accept more people without our knowledge. Enticing the driver to take more people is not acceptable.
  3. Your experience in our vehicles is paramount on the day. Drunk or intoxicated people will not be admitted to our vehicles. Ensure your enjoyment by keeping your drinking to a minimum whilst in the vehicle.  You are in the vehicle for a limited time and our driver has very strict liquor licensing rules to abide by.  Our driver’s instructions are absolutely final. What ever alcoholic drinks you bring on board should be accompanied by similar snack foods to comply with the liquor licensing rules. We are able to stop on your journey to collect food at a takeaway bar, or perhaps Subway or McDonalds. Pre-booking a time for this would save time waiting in queues using up your valuable hire time.
  4. “No smoking” in any vehicles is permitted.

Our drivers want to ensure you have a fun, memorable experience. The way you treat them will reflect in the experience you will have.

Booking any of our vehicles

  1. You can make an enquiry about availability and price either by phone, text or email, we will contact you back as soon as possible and confirm a time and date.
  2. Sometimes we get a lot of enquiries for the same event, book early, pay your deposit to secure your booking. Until the deposit is paid your booking is not confirmed.
  3. We have many choices of vehicles, please choose wisely and don’t hesitate to phone us to discuss your needs in detail.
  4. If your booking goes over time e.g. if your booking is from 10-11am and paid for, but for whatever reason we are held up by 30 minutes you will need to pay for that extra time. However in some instances the driver will need to leave absolutely on time because of the next booking. Communication with the driver early is the best course of action.
  5. For all weddings we will require a credit card for security in case any extra time is required over what is booked. Charges for time overruns due to taking longer over photography etc will be taken on the day.

We look forward to sharing your special event with you.

Kind regards from Bluewater Limousines.